A unique blend of design, communication skills and acute business sense.

Ken Rideout is the creative force behind Newhaven Builders, Inc. Interpreting the client’s objectives and translating them into experiences that impact the senses. What sets Ken apart is a unique blend of talents: design, communication skills and acute business sense. Ken’s design skill has been nurtured and cultivated since his childhood and led to his interest in building furniture. As a master carpenter with a lifelong interest and experience in building, Ken became a general contractor and in 1999 started Newhaven Builders, Inc.

He has been coined the “solution guy” for his ability to create solutions when design and implementation conflict. His many strengths lie in his ability to create looks one would never expect. He takes ordinary elements and uses them in extraordinary ways. When one modern home client wanted to unite the open space from the detached garage to the house and did not want a traditional wood trellis, Ken suggested and built stainless steel high tension lines for a grapevine arbor. Intimate association with historic homes and styles has given him unique insight and dovetailed him to high-end remodels.