Craftsman Eclectic

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Our client had a vision to connect her passion for eclectic art with her Arts & Crafts style home. Employing our understanding of Craftsman design concepts, we helped our client bridge these two worlds together into something new and the finished product was amazing.

Classic Finishes

The kitchen objective was to stay true to the craftsman aesthetic while accommodating our client’s desire for updated appliances, fixtures, and other amenities that bring the kitchen into the twenty-first century. Originally, this area was made up of two additional rooms; opening up the space large enough to accommodate the table allowed for the function of a dining room while achieving the open feel our client wanted.

Finding Balance

Style is something that comes from within; it’s an expression of our personality. Our kitchen seeks to strike a balance between our client’s eclectic style and the angular lines of the craftsman-style home. And personally, we think this kitchen delivers.

Warm oak custom cabinetry provides contrast and depth against the lighter floors, while the black stone countertops function as a visual anchor, pulling the various textures together. Nothing feels overpowering or out of place as relics of world travel peer out in both art and fixture.

High Grade Finish Carpentry

The star of this kitchen is, of course, the custom built, inline, American Walnut cabinetry. Chosen for our expierence with high end finish carpentry, the cabintry's furniture-like quality layer in beautiful wood textures that appear as though you can reach into the finish. Period hardware pulls at the eye, minimizing the impact of the modern appliances. We love this kitchen and know our client enjoys every minute in it.

Working Together

Start the project knowing your builder is advocating for your vision. Newhaven Builders has the processes and experience to deliver on a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations.

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